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Here we will learn about the gadgets and gear needed to make films


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The lead singer asked us if we could do a little video for them. They had been invited by an American website called The Gauntlet to answer a few questions they had. [+]

awww shucks...we didn't win!

It doesn't matter, this was the first year we tried and had loads of fun making the film. Learnt a lot from doing it and will take those lessons and hopefully do it better next year. [+]
This Sunday sees the results announced from the Five Lamps film contest. Now although we completed the task I have to be honest with myself and say the three minute edit is a really harsh cut. If you were to see the three minute version against the full 7 minute edit you would see what I mean. I love what we achieved and the look is awesome but the story gets butchered by the time constraint. In hindsight I should have planned the story better for the time scale. So, come back Sunday when I should be able to announce if we won anything or not...fingers crossed!!